Songs for Commercial Licensing & Sync for Film, TV and Media

Examples of our work in different genres being featured in Commercials, Film, TV and Online Media Publishing:

SecondsAFTER Music can take "classic" songs from your Publishing Catalog and re-Imagine them for a current generation...Breathing life into Classics from the past and making them relative and current for today's Sync & Licensing Market.

SecondsAFTER Music’s original catalog is quite extensive as well.

L-R Daniel Scott (SecondsAFTER Music), Dave Georgeff (Warner Chappell/Warner Bros.), Jeff Serra (SecondsAFTER Music), Tony Bernardo (SecondsAFTER Music)

L-R Daniel Scott (SecondsAFTER Music), Dave Georgeff (Warner Chappell/Warner Bros.), Jeff Serra (SecondsAFTER Music), Tony Bernardo (SecondsAFTER Music)

Listen to some examples and hear what some of our clients have to say:

"You guys knocked it out of the park with that album (00:00) and the re-imagined songs out of the Warner catalog is stunning. Absolutely, a fantastic job!!!." ~ David Georgeff (Warner/Chappell)

"I wanted to let you know that we (Samsung) love the songs and sound from SecondsAFTER Music. We are excited to be showcasing your songs on a few of our devices (Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator, Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung Note 9, Samsung Tablet S3 and then streaming them at our own Samsung Experience retail stores through our headphones). Thanks again for being such a great partner and we look forward to more content for future Samsung products." ~ Meghan Puhl (Samsung North America)

"Thank you SecondsAFTER Music for supplying such great original content for our In-Store demos and our new Vizio marketing campaign. I'm sure our new Vizio Soundbar will draw people's attention as they're walking by hearing it and this music. You always come through for us!". ~ Robynne Curry (Vizio)

"Everything is perfect, also, this is a very strong song and I want to personally thank you for helping us meet our deadline, I have sent it to Cineflix with a special note attached. The guys at American Pickers are gonna love this! Have a great evening and I hope you’ll get some rest because you set your bar quite high with this one :)" ~ Axel Niehaus (Founder - HAUS International)

"I listen to everything that comes through our Music Supervision team but it's quite rare to hear something this good and on this level...The track is brilliant!" ~ Ross Gidney (Sound Works UK)

"Haven’t heard a voice like that since the Killers entered the scene. Your station on Pandora is now a go-to for daily music listening. Loving this stuff!" SecondsAFTER Music is the new Independent Label to raise the standard ~ David Pryzgoda (Pandora Radio)

"My kid and I have been listening to these songs in the car Non-Stop... He really digs it too! You guys can craft songs that translate to all generations. Well done!" ~ Dan Kanopka, (producer, drummer of OkGo)

Before & After Examples (From raw idea from clients to Finished Song Production by SecondsAFTER Music)

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