Songs from our Featured Original Artist :


The GREAT WIDE DIVIDE is one of our Artist's that can take "classic" songs from your Publishing Catalog and re-Imagine them for a current generation...Breathing life into Classics from the past and making them relative and current for today's Sync & Licensing Market.

The GREAT WIDE DIVIDE'S original catalog is quite extensive as well.

L-R Daniel Scott (GWD), Dave Georgeff (Warner Chappell), Jeff Serra (SecondsAFTER Music), Tony

L-R Daniel Scott (GWD), Dave Georgeff (Warner Chappell), Jeff Serra (SecondsAFTER Music), Tony

Listen to some examples and hear what some of our clients have to say:

"You guys knocked it out of the park with that album (00:00) and the re-imagined songs out of the Warner catalog is stunning. Absolutely, a fantastic job!!!." ~ David Georgeff (Warner/Chappell)

"I wanted to let you know that we (Samsung) love the songs and sound from SecondsAFTER Music. We are showcasing songs from Zeroes on a few of our devices (Family Hub Refrigerator, Samsung Tablet S3 and then streaming Zeroes at our own Samsung experience retail stores through our headphones). Thanks again for being such a great partner and we look forward to more content for future Samsung products." ~ Meghan Puhl (Samsung)

"Thank you SecondsAFTER Music for supplying such great original content for our In-Store demos and new marketing campaign. I'm sure our new Soundbar will draw people's attention as they're walking by hearing it and this music. You always come through for us!". ~ Robynne Curry (Vizio)

"Everything is perfect, also, this is a very strong song and I want to personally thank you for helping us meet our deadline, I have sent it to Cineflix with a special note attached. Have a great evening and I hope you’ll get some rest because you set your bar quite high with this one :)" ~ Axel Niehaus (Founder - HAUS International)

"I listen to everything that comes through our Music Supervision team but it's quite rare to hear something this good and on this level...The track is brilliant!" ~ Ross Gidney (Sound Works UK)

"Haven’t heard a voice like that since the Killers entered the scene. Zeroes station on Pandora is now a go-to for daily music listening. Live show is also a must-see. Loving this stuff!" SecondsAFTER Music is the new Independent Label to raise the standard ~ David Pryzgoda (Pandora Radio)

"My kid and I have been listening to these songs in the car Non-Stop... He really digs it too! You guys can craft songs that translate to all generations. Well done!" ~ Dan Kanopka, (producer, drummer of OkGo)