MAY, 2017
NEW YORK,  NY - SecondsAFTER Music teams up with HAUS Neue Musik 4 All Media.

To broaden the scope of publishing and licensing for SecondsAFTER Music and our artists, we've teamed up with HAUS, a popular TV & Film licensing library with an international reach. Daniel Scott and Tony Bernardo join an elite team of just 100 composers to produce custom music on a weekly basis for popular shows like American Pickers, Shameless, Ugly Betty and many more.

In addition to cue music for TV shows, HAUS licenses original music for TV commercials. Haus has and continues to work with such popular brands as Microsoft, Maxwell, Volkswagon, Porsche, and Mercedes-Benz, to name a few. Their brand is based nationally, but has an even deeper presence in the international marketplace. 

Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Axel Niehaus, welcomed SecondsAFTER Music to the team after learning about our production and writing team which then led to a keen interest in our flagship artist Zeroes for commercial and international licensing. Zeroes will be featured on the HAUS website, with their debut album 00:00 being available for licensing to various TV shows, commercials and Films both nationally and internationally. Keep an ear out for Zeroes songs, coming to various screens and media outlets near you!