ASBURY PARK, NJ - It's been a busy year for SecondsAFTER Music.

And to keep up with demand, the company is pleased to announce that it recently moved its operations to Asbury Park, New Jersey.  

SecondsAFTER Studios offers world class facilities at the hands of the industry's leading engineers and producers. The studio was designed by the legendary John Storyk and is the new headquarters for all productions.

Less than one year after the birth of SecondsAFTER a series of dynamic relationships have already been established with several major companies.

Many songs from the SecondsAFTER Music catalog are being used in various commercial enterprises to market new products and build brand identity.

Perhaps foremost of these is our relationship with the electronics manufacturer Samsung, which is using SecondsAFTER Music productions in commercials seen worldwide to market its innovative 'Family Hub' line of refrigerators.

SecondsAFTER music is also working with Samsung using its song to sell the popular manufacturer's
new wireless Level headphones in 1,400 stores across the globe.

Microsoft chose SecondsAFTER Music to promote new features and updates for Microsoft's Xbox One products, via Pandora Music. These new Xbox features allow users to stream music while playing games in real time, and a song from the SecondsAFTER music catalog was chosen to sell audiences on this new feature.

Electronics manufacturer Vizio, hired SecondsAFTER Music to help promote their latest Sound Bar speakers in Best Buy stores and other major vendors around the country. Pandora also began licensing music from a artist under the SecondsAFTER Music label after a major spike in airplay on Pandora, resulting in 170,000 spins for the artist "Zeroes" in just three weeks.

Zeroes was also in the 12th spot in Indie Music TV's“Top 21” in February.

This growth was all organic - no marketing, no promotion.

Major brands were not the only ones to take notice.

Up and coming headphone company 1More Headphones decided to endorse Zeroes, a relationship which lead to a live performance at The NAMM Show in Anaheim, CA, just this past January.

Zeroes performed several mysterious, silent sets against a barrage of noise in the NAMM Showroom that could only be heard through 1More’s new headphone product. It was the only performance of its kind.

The buzz created by SecondsAFTER Music in 2016 was noticed almost instantly by Warner/Chappell Music. This led to SecondsAFTER Music diving into their back catalog of classic songs and "Re-Imagining" them for a modern audience. This led to songs that were classics decades ago being revitalized once again for contemporary use in Sync & Licensing.

The production demand has become so high, that SecondsAFTER is even seeking new artists to fulfill the requests. This translates into opportunity for new artists and a chance for SecondsAFTER to deepen its Sync & Licensing catalog.

Inquiries and more information about SecondsAFTER may be obtained by contacting Daniel Scott.